bible study on the teachings of Jesus Christ and their interrelationships. Follow your interests and always be on a path of related Christian teachings. An innovative online bible study. This Bible study site is for exploring the teachings of Jesus Christ and for studying how they interrelate, based on Jesus' life on earth as recorded in the gospels of the Bible. The Bible study on Jesus Christ uses a novel Bible study methodology involving three interconnected Bible study levels, plus a 3-dimensional Word Universe level. Each of the interconnected Bible study levels is a type of webpage. Links on the Christian Teaching pages take you to the Christian Teaching Interrelations pages, links on the Christian Teaching Interrelations pages take you to the Gospel Episode pages, and links on the Gospel Episode pages take you back to the Christian Teaching pages. Begin by studying a particular teaching of Jesus Christ, in its various forms in various gospel episodes, on a Christian Teaching page. Then go to its Christian Teaching Interrelations page and see how other Christian teachings tie in. Clicking the Core Interrelations link at the top of any Christian Teaching or Christian Teaching Interrelations page will show the Christian teachings most closely related to the subject Christian teaching of that page, and how they are related. The Bible Study on Jesus Christ offers Core Interrelations as a quick and powerful way of learning the interrelations between the teachings of Jesus Christ. Next, review the Gospel Episodes themselves (from which the Christian teaching interrelations were derived) and gain new insight into how the teachings of Jesus Christ work together in life. As you become interested in Christian teachings nearby and connected to the Christian teaching you started studying initially, click one's link on the Gospel Episode page to focus on studying that teaching. And then start seeing how other Christian teachings are related to that one. As this Bible study process goes on and on, driven and guided by your own curiosity and interests in the Christian teachings, you will eventually obtain a unified understanding of all of Jesus Christ's' teachings and how they interrelate. This occurs naturally over time, so just let it gradually happen on its own. It takes a while to find your way around the Bible study on Jesus Christ and get accustomed to the inner logic. So play around and experiment all you like.

The Principles of Jesus Christ

bible study on the teachings of Jesus Christ and their interrelationships. Authority Of Christ And Who He Is
Jesus is God
Jesus and the Father are One
Jesus came from the Father
Jesus has power
Jesus has Authority
Jesus is the Teacher
Jesus is The Savior
Jesus’ Life on Earth
Jesus is coming back.
What Helps People Believe
right and wrong
give up what you have
narrow gate
You Need God
God reveals Himself
God enables us to see
What Keeps People From Believing
hating good, siding with Satan
distractions, worldliness
don’t think you're good enough
refusing to respond to God
God Will Judge Us
separation into two groups
acceptance/rejection of Christ
Christ will be our final Judge
the Holy Spirit convicts us
faith grows gradually
getting things done in the world
the power of faith
believing brings God
no fear or doubts
believing in Jesus saves
Get Baptized
Prayer And Asking God
whatever you ask
Apply the Principles
God’s will be done
there’s work to do
working brings glory to God
nature of the work
no-one ever said it's easy
fruit is essential
can’t fool God
it starts small
don’t wait
rewards of working
God In Us
Other Blessings Of God
peace, relief, and comfort
a life full of good things
Christ Protects Us
Overcoming Your Harmfulness
love the Lord
harm from within
what’s inside comes out
human frailty and vulnerability
bad things to do
money and worldly things
Loving Your Neighbor
do not judge
mercy and compassion
not causing others to sin
Relationships With People
settling problems
Carrying The Gospel To The World
loving shows we know Christ
talk to people about Jesus
don’t hold back
our role
Dealings With Unbelievers
evil non-human beings
God disconnects from some
then they are in the dark
love they who harm you
it’s a journey

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bible study on the teachings of Jesus Christ and their interrelationships. Follow your interests and always be on a path of related Christian teachings. An innovative online bible study.