Bible study on the teachings of Jesus Christ and their interrelationships. Follow your interests and always be on a path of related Christian teachings. An innovative online bible study.

Bible Study on Jesus Christ

Hello from Word Universe, Inc. This is a site for exploring the teachings of Jesus Christ and for studying how they interrelate, based on Jesus' life on earth as recorded in the gospels of the Holy Bible.

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The conclusive result of all analysis and study showing how the gospel truly works:  CORE: What it Means to Believe in Jesus Christ

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The original Bible study system uses a novel methodology involving four interconnected levels, plus a 3-dimensional Word Universe level. Each of the interconnected levels is a type of webpage.

Begin by clicking one of the Christian teaching of Jesus Christ links on the lower left of the screen. This brings up a Core Interrelations page for that Christian teaching, showing what Jesus Christ teaches about it and showing which other Christian teachings Jesus closely relates to that teaching, and how He relates them to that teaching and with each other in the context of that teaching, based on a novel analytical process.

The Bible Study on Jesus Christ offers Core Interrelations as a quick and powerful way of learning the interrelations between the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Near the bottom of the Core Interrelations page are two links, 'Principle Passages' and 'Episode Interrelations':

Principle Passages (also called Christian Teachings) page:  Lists all the gospel passages involving the subject teaching shown at the top of the page (for seeing the various forms of a teaching of Jesus Christ). Christian Teaching pages can also be accessed from the Index below. At the end of each gospel passage is a link that brings up the Episode Interrelations page at the position where the Christian teaching interrelations paragraph for the episode containing that passage is located.

Episode Interrelations page:  Shows the Christian teaching interrelationships in each gospel episode of Jesus Christ that contains the subject Christian teaching shown at the top of the page. The text containing the subject Christian teaching is highlighted in aqua. At the end of the Christian teaching interrelationship paragraph for each episode is a link that brings up the gospel episode of Jesus Christ itself (for seeing the context of the teachings of Jesus Christ).

Gospel Episode page:  The text containing Christian teachings is in aqua, and a gold link is placed at the end of each Christian teaching. Clicking this link brings up a Christian Teaching (also called Principle Passages) page.


Christian Teaching pages have links to Episode Interrelations pages, which have links to Gospel Episode pages, which have links back to Christian Teaching pages.

Each Core Interrelations page links to an Episode Interrelations page and a Christian Teaching page, and at the top of each Episode Interrelations page and each Christian Teachings page is a link back to a Core Interrelations page.

Notes: Clickable links are always shown as underlined gold text. Each link on the lower left beside a green orb contains the text of all the links beside the brown orbs indented underneath it, and in the following cases at the top of the page also contains interrelations for the overall category: Prayer and Asking God, Loving Your Neighbor, Serving, Carrying the Gospel, Dealings with Unbelievers.

As you become interested in Christian teachings nearby and connected to the teaching you started studying initially, click one's link on the Gospel Episode page or on the lower left of the screen to focus on studying that teaching. And then start seeing how other Christian teachings are related to that one.

As this Bible study process goes on and on, driven and guided by your own curiosity and interests in the Christian teachings, you will eventually obtain a unified understanding of all of Jesus Christ's' teachings and how they interrelate. This occurs naturally over time, so just let it gradually happen on its own.

It takes a while to find your way around the Bible Study on Jesus Christ and get accustomed to the inner logic. So play around and experiment all you like. Then do some other things for while and come back again later.

Note: The words 'teaching' and 'principle' are used interchangeably on this site. For instance, you could re-read the overview above, replacing each instance of 'teaching(s)' with 'principle(s)'. The teachings and principles of God on this site are also synonymous with the knowledge of God and the Word of God, and include everything that comes out from God in His Word, because everything about Him instructs, helps, and inspires us.

Click study guide to learn more about the four interconnected Bible study levels and how to move between them. This guide can also be reached from any page of the Bible study. For an abbreviated study guide that serves as a quick memory jogger, click the small white house underneath the skyscrapers to the left.

Along the way, you may wish to explore the Word Universe (click the sky above the city). Here, you can 'fly' among 1000+ gospel verses containing Christian teachings, along with Christian teaching headings, which are positioned spatially according to their overall interrelationships based on all the recorded episodes of Jesus Christ's life on earth.

To send questions, comments, opinions, and ideas about this online Bible study, the Word Universe software, Christian teachings, or Christianity in general, email (replies are prompt).

Click here for a description of how this Christian teaching exploration system was created and a few notes: Creation & Notes

If you would like to have a free licensed copy of the Bible Study on Jesus Christ for your own computer, click download this study.

Scripture in the study is from the Holy Bible, Authorized King James Version. Words in brackets are from the World English Bible, words in brackets ending with 'WU' are translated from the Greek manuscripts by Word Universe, Inc. Bracketed words are added to bring clarity to the King James English.

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Thoughts On Why We Need The Gospel of Jesus Christ:
When mankind took the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, it was too much for us to handle. God originated this knowledge and always works good with it, but we are children in the grand scheme of things, so new. With us having this knowledge, we often produce harm to ourselves and others, which is the definition of sin. We can't stop doing harm on our own. We need help, we need someone to save us from all this and clear us of our offenses. This person is Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ:
The way you become saved for eternal life in Jesus Christ is to repent and believe in him. Repenting means to soften your heart and look at the truth about yourself, confessing and renouncing your harmful ways, which is evidenced by making a sincere effort to stop doing the things you do that harm people. Believing in Jesus Christ means believing that he offered himself up at the cross to pay the penalty for your sinfulness (harmfulness), which is death and separation from God. It also means believing that as God's own son, Jesus Christ is God also and is himself sinless, so that he could pay the penalty for our sins for us, since he didn't have to pay it for himself. And being God, death having no hold on him, after three days he was resurrected from the dead and is now at the right hand of God the Father. When the Lord sees your change in heart, and your turning to believe in Jesus Christ, He will reveal Himself to you; make Himself apparent to you in a way that is real to you. Then you will truly believe in Jesus Christ and your new Christian life with the Lord will begin, and continue eternally. He will enable you to truly live.

We wish you well and hope to see you forever with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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bible study on the teachings of Jesus Christ and their interrelationships. Follow your interests and always be on a path of related Christian teachings.

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bible study on the teachings of Jesus Christ and their interrelationships. Follow your interests and always be on a path of related Christian teachings. An innovative online bible study.