How this Exploration System was Created

First, the teachings of Jesus were classified into 24 categories and a number of subcategories. These are the Christian Teaching pages (also called Principle pages). The category/subcategory titles are seen in the lower-left part of the screen, and in the index explained below. The main categories (except the first one, The Principles of Jesus Christ) are identified by the rotating green orbs and the subcategories by the stationary bronze orbs.

trabul3d.gif (152 bytes)  Second, the gospels were divided into episodes, noting which categories and subcategories Jesus discussed together during each episode. An episode is composed of events which seem to flow together, often over a few days. These are the Gospel Episode pages.

trabul3d.gif (152 bytes)  Third, the teachings Jesus made during each episode were summarized in terms of the categories and subcategories which appear in those teachings.

Fourth, there is a return to the classification of the words of Jesus into 24 categories and a number of subcategories. Each Scripture passage under a given category/subcategory is replaced by the summary of Jesus' teachings during the episode containing that passage, with the part discussing that given category/subcategory highlighted in aqua color. These are the Episode Interrelations pages.

Fifth, hyperlinks were set up linking the first step to the fourth, and from the fourth to the second, and from the second to the first.

Finally, the Core Interrelations were assembled from the result of the fourth step. For a given category/subcategory, the Core Interrelations were assembled by copying the sentence containing that category/subcategory from each episode summary listed on the page, along with nearby sentences that closely relate. The Core Interrelations show the categories/subcategories most closely related to the subject category/subcategory, and how they relate to it.

A Few Notes

The word 'principles' throughout this site refers to all the categories and subcategories of Jesus' teachings, and 'principle' refers to any category or subcategory of teachings in particular.

Principle Naming
The names of the principles in the lower left panel are sometimes shortened forms of the full names which are shown on the pages that come up when the principle is clicked. This was done so that they would fit into the frame. The names of the principles shown in the gospel episodes are also shortened for brevity.

Principle Interrelation Formation
The principle interrelations are not a step-by-step summary of what happened during the episode so much as a reflective bird's eye view learning from the whole episode, take-away learnings, a reasonable linking of principles (or a reasonable succession of principle concepts) based upon their arrangement in the episode, and based on the context they are presented in. Often the interrelations have an almost uncanny sense of being complete and true.

Episodes Containing Only One Principle
There are a few bible references in the pages under the top principle categorization orbs which hyperlink directly to the gospels rather than hyperlinking to the bottom principle interrelation orbs. This is because in these cases the principle reference is the only principle reference in an episode and therefore the episode has no summary of principle interrelations. Example: Mat 1:23  Al
so, there are a few cases where the principle reference is the only principle reference in an episode and still has a summary in the principle interrelations section to distill the principle thought from the episode. Example LK23:39-43

Resizing Page Frames
The sizes of the frames on the page can be changed by dragging the vertical and horizontal gray divider bars back and forth with the mouse.

Displaying the Index
The pages containing the teachings of Jesus discussed in step 1 above have a gold < symbol after each category section. Clicking on this will display an index of all the pages explained in steps 1, 2, and 4 above (the links in the frame on the lower left of the screen bring up the Core Interrelations pages). In addition, the index can be accessed from the bottom of the home page.

Principle Gatherings
Next to each whole gospel hyperlink in the index is a gold hyperlink labeled 'Principle Gatherings'. This page contains the following for each episode in the gospel; the principle interrelations, all the verses containing the principles, a few other verses showing the context of the principles. The verses containing the principles are the same as those found in the pages accessed from lower left hand frame or the top section of the index, which divide the verses into principle categories. The Principle Gathering pages can only be reached from the index. Their purpose is to assist in studying the derivation of the principle interrelations, by showing the interrelations together with the verses used to form them, along with all the other words of Jesus.

Principle Interrelation Hyperlinks
On the whole gospel pages shown in the index, each gospel episode has a hyperlink labeled Principle Interrelations located at the end. This links to the principle interrelations for that episode, located in a page containing the principle interrelations for all the episodes in that gospel. This page can also be accessed from the gold hyperlinks labeled 'Gatherings Condensed' located next to each of  the gospels in the index. At the end of each episode in the Gatherings Condensed file is a hyperlink back to the beginning of the episode in the whole gospel page. The purpose of the Gatherings Condensed is to have the Principle Interrelations readily available to anyone reading through the gospels, and to provide a page showing the sequence or flow of principle interrelations from the beginning of the gospel to the end.

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