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Evangelism & Ministries

Fish the Net: The Evangelistic Tackle Box - Many aids to evangelism. Also, chat, news, music and more. - Internet evangelism site, newsletter, chat, references to plenty of pertinent websites and books, including the webmasters own book on the subject.

Independent Church of India - Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in India. Preaching, teaching, praying for the sick, blind, and lepers. Training pastors and missionaries. Film evangelism, planning an orphanage for street kids. You can help! Many people's needs served, many brought to Christ, lots of pictures with short captions.

Service that sends a Scripture passage text message to your cell phone once a day. Costs about $5 a month. You can also go to this website to send a prayer to someone on their cell phone for 50 cents.
   Offers the Gospel message and help on becoming a Christian. Also provides an introduction to theological subjects, the Bible, and church history. Suggests devotional plans.

Amazing Change - Many different articles and lots of Christian information encouraging people to receive salvation and grow in the Lord. Plenty of useful links. Beautifully and interestingly done, and well written.

In His Steps Ministries - Spiritual Seekers - Information on seeking out the truth, finding Christ, and abiding in Him. Also features sections on suffering and depression, and offers inspirational stories, poems, and jokes.

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Theology & Bible Study

Gospel Outreach Ministries Online
An extensive and beautiful site full of well organized, well written information useful to anyone interested in eternal life through Christ.

Storm Tight - Essays on Christian beliefs and ideas, personal testimonies, and a discussion board.

Scruples - How to live out Christian principles in the business world, in the workplace.

A Christian Thinktank - Outstanding site by an analytical thinker with much thought on many important Christian issues, and a sense of humor too.

Christianity - Excellent site for helping people from other religions, and atheists, learn about Jesus Christ.

Theology Online - Lots of forums and forum activity, chat, Christian website directory.

Theology Website - Theological news, discussion forum, chat, newsletters, book reviews, study guides, and a Christian website directory.

C.S. Lewis Society of California - Delve into the mind-bending thoughts the Lord blessed us with through this man. Presented in many formats; articles, books, interviews, videos, audio recordings, quotes.

   Short studies on many practical subjects, and more extensive online studies you can join.

Amazing Bible - A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, prophecy, doctrine, news, prayer, sermons, statistics, tools & tracts. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels, Prayer Book, Prophecy Bible, & a photo tour of Israel.

   Free Bible study software for Windows. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly. Different Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, maps and charts. The KJV has Strong's numbers in the Scripture text next to all but the simplest words. Just place mouse over the number and you'll see the Greek words in the manuscripts that were used for the translation along with their definitions. Also, can add your own notes next to Scripture passages. Advanced Scripture searching tool. 

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Apologetics & Creationism

Rational Christianity - A wealth of matter-of-fact, clearly written, and logical articles addressing concerns of the skeptic of Christianity, answering objections and questions, and resolving apparent Biblical contradictions, and a number of interesting articles such as 'Why Atheists Convert'. Frequent references to particular pages of other sites for more info on particular points.

Evidence from God and Science - Provides evidence for Christian doctrine and the truth of the Bible through information on the design of the universe, evolution, and answers to common atheist challenges. Includes a great slide show on the universe with plenty of Hubble telescope images.

Stand to Reason - Organization aimed at building Christian thinkers for the public defense of the faith. Many articles on many often debated subjects, newsletter, online courses, recommended books, forums, quite a lot more.

Christian Apologetics - Argues that classical logic represents the truth of God, and that sound reason is the foundation of the Christian faith. Online book, newsletter, and links.

Proofs and evidences refuting a few of the most common misconceptions and falsehoods concerning God, Jesus, Christianity, Israel, the Bible and more...

Casey's Critical Thinking - News, links, and articles focusing on the existence of God, abortion, and the creation/evolution controversy.

Mars Hill - Dr. Mark Eastman covers current events, prophecy, and science and their implications in the defense of Christianity.

Faith Facts - Seeks to use reason and evidence to promote biblical Christianity. Includes an interactive guide to understanding and accepting Christianity, information on evolution and cultural issues, newsletter, and links.

Fill the Void: Defending the Christian Faith - Articles defending biblical reliability and answering tough questions about hell and the existence of evil. Also features brief answers to many common questions and objections to Christian teachings. Teens and youth areas.

Savior Quest - Articles on Jesus, the Bible, archaeology, issues of life in today's world such as beating pornography addiction, as well as recommended links.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - Outstanding site in defense of the Christian faith. Much well organized high quality information. Must see to appreciate.

Seek the Truth - Young earth evidences. Articles on evolution, psychology, the big bang, natural selection and Darwin.

Christian Geology Ministry - An interesting site showing evidences of God's wonderful and glorious works in creation. Advocates old earth and universe.

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Christian News

Worthy News - General U.S. and global news, much of it from a Christian perspective, and lots of Christian news.

Christianity Today - Excellent Christian news site from the UK.

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Christians In Society

American Family Association - Exists to motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth and traditional family values.

Judicial Watch - This one is not a Christian organization, but is aligned with Christian principles. A non-profit, non-partisan public interest law firm dedicated to fighting government corruption and making sure offenders are brought to justice: an ethical and legal "watchdog" over our government, legal, and judicial systems promoting a return to ethics and morality in our nation's public life.

          Focus on the Family (Christian) sites:

Citizen Link - Many, many articles focusing on a great many social issues.

Focus on the Family Action - Cultural action and lobbying organization providing a platform for informing, inspiring and rallying those who care deeply about the family to greater involvement in the moral, cultural and political issues that threaten our nation.

Family News in Focus - Family issues in policy and culture.

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Christian CyberCenters

Visit     Extensive network of ministries, links to many Christian websites, chat and forums, large amount of Christian audio and video, place to make donations to many Christian and relief organizations, live speakers and worship services.
   Links to Christian websites in many categories; personal growth, arts, media, books, newsgroups, chat, family. - The All-in-One Christian 
   Community     Very extensive site containing chat, forums, Christian Instant messenger, Christian news, music, newsletters, finances, over 2 dozen other areas of interest, quite diverse and plenty of depth, all created by Praize and Christian oriented. Also has a large Christian website directory, many categories.

Christian Web Site - Links to many Christian sites in many categories, Christian oriented news, chat, forums.

Christian Links - A wide range of categories of links to Christian websites, chat, message boards, free Bible software, prayer requests database.

Christian Activities Online - Lots of Christian music information, articles for family, singles, etc., discussion forums, and more.

Christian Canada - Forums, chat, clubs, newsletters, Christian website directory, shopping, and plenty more. - Chat rooms, message boards, Christian website directory, cartoons, games.

UK Christian Web - Links to Christian websites, chat, message boards.

Premier Online - Full-featured Christian radio site (excellent), Christian news, entertainment reviews, discussion boards.

The Worship Network - Discussion board, Scriptures to help in various difficult situations, Christian website directory, prayer requests, praise reports. Site owned by the WORSHIP Network Christian television company.

Bible Study Notes - Spanish/English Christian directory, chat room, forum, prayer chain.

I Lift My Eyes Up - Articles on prayer, an intercessory prayer ring, safe and friendly Christian chat, links of interest to people with physical disabilities. Also links to many Christian websites in quite a few categories.

Godonline - Forum, articles and devotionals, and links to Christian websites.

   Large searchable database of articles, chat rooms (including Bible Study), message boards, prayer network, large directory of Christian websites, shopping. Areas for men, women, marriage, singles, teens, seniors, etc., full of info relevant to each group. 
    A Christian Chat forum for discussion, questions and answer. Good breakdown of topics, plenty of activity.

Worthy Links Christian Search Engine - Links to Christian websites in a very wide selection of categories. Also chat, forums, news.

4 Hurting Christians - Specializing in providing support for those who are in emotional pain and hurt.

Home with God - Links to many Christian sites in a large number of wide ranging categories; many categories that are specifically Christian, and many that are general but the links are Christian oriented. - Christian computer software, media gallery, web toolbox, e-cards, chat, forums, news, links to many categories of Christian websites.

Jesus Links - chat, forums, personal pages, devotionals, Christian music, and more.

Gentle Ministries - Hundreds of short Christian oriented stories, chat, forums on various topics. One of the oldest sites around.

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Christian Website Directories

   Very large, well organized and categorized site. Provides content on spiritual life, family and parenting, devotionals, and Christian PDA software.
    Directory of Christian websites in a large number of categories. Articles on a broad range of subjects, Christian news including a section on persecution.
    Links to Christian websites in number of categories.
   Home of the Christian Webring, links to a number of other Christian web rings. Also has Bible room, prayer room, and book store.     Three extensive Bible commentaries, articles on various Christian subjects, and a categorized Christian website directory.

World Christian Resource Directory - This directory contains lots of missions and Christian resources categories, as well as many other serious Christian categories. Web Directory - Very large directory of Christian websites in many categories. Connected to a very large CyberCenter.

The Christian Connection - Directory of Christian websites in many categories, including music, artists, humor, and literature.

Cross Canada Search - Links to Christian websites in a variety of categories, and links to other Christian website directories.

Surf-in-the-Spirit - Articles in a variety of subject categories, and a Christian website directory. Christian Directory - offers great Christian resources, Christian shareware and freeware, and a world-wide Christian Business and Church Directory.

The Big Thicket Christian Directory - Links to Christian websites in various categories. Also links to articles and stories, and a prayer request board. - Christian website directory, also has downloadable sermons, chat.

His Power Portal - Extensive Christian website directory.

5 Barley Loaves - Online directory of quality Christian resources.

Look For It Online - Large Christian website directory.

The Christian Link - Links to many Christian oriented websites in a number areas; shopping, the arts, education, lifestyle, family fun, media. Also has chat.

711.Net Christian Internet Directory - Directory of Christian websites in quite a large number of categories.

Net Ministries - Large directory of Christian ministries in many categories, large directory of churches also and links to Christian websites.

Ultimate Christian Resources - Links to a large number of Christian sites in a wide variety of categories.

Uses Google custom search to bring up only (and lots of) Christian websites.
click here for Anointed Christian Links - each with a jar of anointing oil    Large directory of Christian websites.

Christian Top Sites - Links to many categories of Christian websites.

The Christian Business and Information Directory - Resources such as churches, information sources, organizations, charities, and Christian based businesses.


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Christian Webmasters-Hosting

   Resources for Christian webmasters.

Fish Net  - Website services, domain names, hosting, etc., and a directory of websites of interest to Christians.

   ISP Services & Christian Resource Center.  Includes free Internet filter, parental controls, popup blocker, spam filtering. Antivirus. Customizable Christian portal. Free Website Creator, Christian fundraising, Christian Forums.

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Christian Resources - Major site for purchasing Christian books, software, thing for children, music, clothes, and more.

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