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love the Lord: they way our heart should be

Closest related principles - Core Interrelations taken from interrelations below.

Refusing God's invitation keeps you from believing.
    The blessings of heaven come from following the Teacher;
He said to love the Lord and your neighbor.
(principles from MT22:1-40)

Love the Lord and your neighbor too; it's the greatest. (principles from MK12:28-34)

Love the Lord (to love Him you have to believe in Him) and your neighbor, seeking their good, offering help to relieve their suffering, and you will be judged to live. (principles from LK10:25-37)

God the Father and Jesus his Son continue working. They are together and show the principles by what they do. Jesus gives life to whom he is pleased to give it, and He has been given authority to judge whether we believe His word and do good (whether we really love the Lord more than our selfish ways), because as a man he knows us. Those who do these things have eternal life, those who don't will be condemned. Jesus seeks to please God the Father, and judges according to His principles. Jesus' work shows He came from the Father. Believing in Jesus brings God and his word into you, so don't refuse him and side with others . Refusing to put effort into following his teachings keeps people from believing. Believe and live! (principles from JH5:16-5:47)

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