The Word Universe

trabul1p.gif (4302 bytes)  Origins of the Word Universe.

It all started with a desire to create a way for people to see and freely explore the principles (or teachings) of Jesus Christ along any path of interest in such a way that one always comes across Scripture which is related to what he or she just finished seeing. One thing quickly led to another and another and so on..... and this Word Universe gradually materialized, a way of showing the principles of Jesus Christ spatially.

(mathematics were used to locate each principle category heading [shown in the lower left frame] and each Scripture passage expressing a principle [shown on the Principle Passages pages] with respect to its interrelation with all the other principle categories and principle-containing Scripture passages in the gospels)

trabul1p.gif (4302 bytes)  What the Word Universe is like.

It's like flying in a space ship through space, where the stars, planets, and moons are short passages of words, in various clusters, places, and colors. (Keyboard controls. Joystick or steering wheel optional.)

trabul1p.gif (4302 bytes)  Other things you can do with the Word Universe.

Create your own word passages or select any gospel passages and position them in space however you see fit.

trabul1p.gif (4302 bytes)  Click Here to Download Version 1.1 Now

System requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP/VISTA/Windows 7/8/10

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trabul1p.gif (4302 bytes) Future Expansioning.

Neighborhood Interrelations: The first version covers overall principle interrelationships and some close-in interrelationships. This layer will include many more close-in interrelationships, many more interrelations between particular instances of principles in the gospels.

Transport Between Website and The Universe. Click a verse on this site and be positioned in the Word Universe at that verse. Click on a verse in the Universe and be positioned at that verse on this website.

Universal Community. Real-time flying with others in the same universe over the world wide web, in such a way that you can see each other's 'space ships' and make real-time contact both by sight and sound, individually and collectively.

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