The Word Universe

The Word Universe is vintage 2001, and while it does function, it has problems on current computers. As of September, 2020 it is beginning to be revised to work on Win 7/8/10 systems and Mac.

Click the link for your operating system to download version 1.1:

        Word Universe for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10

The download is a .zip file because .exe file downloads cannot be done on the webserver hosting the website. 

When the file download dialog box appears, click on 'Save' the file. Then unzip the file (using WinZip for instance). Next double-click the Word_Universe_Setup.exe file and  follow the installation instructions.

The .exe installation file included in the . zip file has a Comodo digital signature certificate verifyng publisher (Word Universe, Inc.) authenticity. Note: .zip files cannot be signed. Depending on your web-browser settings, a dialog box may appear asking if you want to install the file. Click 'Yes'.

If you wish to verify that the .exe has been signed with a digital certificate, right click the .exe installation file and click Properties, then click on the Digital Signatures tab.

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