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Knowing the interrelations between principles is important to understanding how to live God's way of life in this world, because in everyday life principles usually need to be applied together in certain ways to know how to approach situations, identify courses of action, and to produce desirable outcomes.

The previous page, called the 'Core Interrelations' page, was assembled for the subject principle shown at the top of the page by copying the sentence containing that principle from each set of principle interrelations listed on its Episode Interrelations page, along with nearby sentences that closely relate. The Core Interrelations show the principles most closely related to the subject principle, and how they relate to it.

At the bottom of the page is a section of gold and aqua text that starts with the word 'CORE'. Here the core interrelations are shown in the order in which they appear in the principle interrelation sets shown on the Episode Interrelations page.

At the top of the page is a section labeled 'CONSOLIDATION'. Here, all the core interrelations contained in the CORE paragraph are rearranged, grouping principles that are most alike together, and organizing the groupings in a logical sequence according the relationships between groups.

In the middle of the page is a section labeled 'MAJOR CONNECTIONS'. Here strong connections, relationships, between the subject principle of that page and other principles in the core interrelations are itemized.

Near the bottom of the Core Interrelations page, between the CORE and MAJOR CONNECTIONS sections, is a link to the Episode Interrelations page from which the Core Interrelations were derived, and a link to the Principle Passages page for the subject Christian teaching.

To review the introduction, containing a brief summary of how to use the study, how to move between the different types of study pages, and what to expect from the study, click Overview. If the previous page was shown after clicking a search engine link, and there is no city picture on the screen, then click beginning of study.

Episode Interrelations
The Episode Interrelations page contains a series of paragraphs or blocks of text, each separated by several bank lines. Each paragraph or block of text is a set of principle interrelations showing all the principles contained in a particular gospel episode and how they interrelate in that episode. A gospel episode is defined as a sequence of events that seem to flow together, often over a period of one to several days and in a certain geographic location.

The Episode Interrelations page can be accessed in the following two ways:

Clicking the gold 'Episode Interrelations' hyperlink on the Core Interrelations page mentioned above brings up the Episode Interrelations page for the subject principle (shown at the top of both pages). 

Clicking a passage's gold Scripture reference hyperlink on a Principle Passages page (explained below) brings up the subject principle's Episode Interrelation page and shows the set of principle interrelations for the episode containing that passage. Note: the set of interrelations corresponding to the passage clicked on the Principle Passages page is the one whose Scripture reference, at the end of the paragraph, includes the passage. It’s usually at the top of the screen.

For each set of interrelations, the words in the paragraph expressing the subject principle (shown at the top of the page, and the previous Core Interrelation or Principle Passages page) are shown in aqua. The rest of the words are shown in gold and express the other principles contained in the episode (there is no text that does not express a principle).

Typically each principle is expressed as a phrase or part of a sentence, though sometimes it’s a whole sentence. The exact words used for the principle category heading shown at the top of the page are often included, along with other words which help show the particular way the principle is expressed in that episode. The more the study is used, the easier it becomes to spot the principles.

At the end of each set of principle interrelations paragraph or text block is a gold, underlined, Scripture reference hyperlink. This hyperlink is contained within parenthesis preceded by the words 'principles from'. Clicking on this link will take you to a page showing the gospel episode from which the set of principle interrelations were derived.

At the top of the Episode Interrelations page underneath the subject principle heading is a link to the Core Interrelations for that principle.

Gospel Episodes

In the gospels, Jesus shows us what the principles of God are and how they are interrelated. A Gospel Episode page contains one episode in the life of Jesus on earth. An episode is defined as a sequence of events that seem to flow together, often over a period of one to several days and in a certain geographic location. On this page each verse or passage of verses containing a principle is shown in aqua, followed by underlined gold text that shows the principle or teaching category the verse or passage contains. Clicking on this underlined gold text hyperlink will cause the Principle Passages page for that principle to be loaded, just as if the same principle category were clicked in the lower left frame of the screen.

Principle Passages (Christian Teachings)
The page accessed by clicking on a gold principle category hyperlink in the Gospel Episode page is the Principle Passages page (also called the Christian Teachings page). This page shows the various gospel verse passages which express the principle clicked on the previous screen. Seeing them together helps in acquiring an overall idea of the principle (also called ‘teaching’), what it encompasses, and how it applies to life situations.
Note: The Principle Passages or Christian Teachings pages can also be accessed from the links in the top section of the Index. The Index is accessed from the bottom of the home page.

As you study the passages, you may wish to see how other principles or teachings interrelate with the subject principle (shown at the top of the page).

Click Core Interrelations underneath the subject principle heading at the top of the page to see the closest interrelationships between other principles and the subject principle (more on this explained above).

Click on the gold underlined Scripture reference hyperlink at the end of any passage to see the set of principle interrelations for the gospel episode containing that passage (this set is on the Episode Interrelations page, explained above).

The Word Universe
At some point, you may wish to take the study of principle interrelations to another level: exploring the Word Universe. Here, you can 'fly' among all the principle-containing passages of the online study (over 1000 verses), which are positioned spatially according to their overall interrelationships based on all the recorded episodes of Jesus' life on earth. The principle category headings are also positioned in the 3D space, according to their overall relationships with each other. The software downloads in 8 minutes at 56.6k modem connection speed. To learn more, click: This way to the Word Universe

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