Click the link below and follow the instructions:

Smartphone 2002 or 2003
Takes 8 secs for cable/DSL

Before installing, if a previous version Word in the World has already been installed, power down your cell phone and then power it back up. This clears the current Word in the World from memory (virtually all Smart programs are memory resident by default).

After clicking the download link above, when the file download dialog box appears, click 'Save' to store the CAB file on your pc (saving to the desktop is an easy way to go), and close out the Download Complete dialog box.

Then copy the CAB file to any folder on your Smartphone. 

To copy the CAB file to your Smartphone:  Connect the Smartphone to your pc and after ActiveSync establishes communication, right click it's green symbol on the lower right of your screen, and then click Explore. This opens a window titled Mobile Device. Double-click on 'My Smartphone' and then drag the Word in the World CAB file into the window. This copies the CAB to your Smartphone's root folder. Next open your Smartphone's File Manager program and press the soft key at the top left of the keypad, which activates the List View function shown at the bottom left of the screen. Then select the file using the direction keys, and install the software by pressing the Action key. If a previous version of Word in the World is already installed, when prompted to select OK to remove the old version and install the new version. The install may take a few minutes. The CAB file will be automatically removed from the Smartphone.

Note: If a message appears saying 'The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?', press Run.

An icon for Word in the World will be placed at the bottom of your programs menu.

When you run the program press the left soft key at the top of the keypad under the word 'Next' 3 times to highlight the HLP button, and press the Action key. This will display the Help screen which explains the use of the keypad controls.




If you would prefer to install Word in the World using a ZIP file (it may look like a lot, but it's quick and easy):

Smartphone 2002 or 2003 Zip File
Takes 8 sec for cable/DSL

Click above to download, and when the file download dialog box appears, click 'Save' to store the ZIP file on your pc (saving to the desktop is an easy way to go), and close out the Download Complete dialog box.

Next right click the ZIP file and then click on 'Extract All'. Click 'Next', then click 'Next' again, and a new folder entitled 'Word in the World SP WM' will be created; if you downloaded the ZIP file to your desktop, the folder will be there. Click 'Finish' and a window will pop up showing the folder 'Word in the World'. 

After connecting your Smartphone to your desktop/laptop computer using ActiveSync, open up windows explorer (right click the Start button and click Explore) and navigate to the 'Program Files' folder on your Smartphone.

Note: your Smartphone will show up as 'Mobile Device' beneath all your drive listings and Control Panel. You'll probably have to open a subfolder named 'My Windows Mobile-Based Device', then 'Storage', to find 'Program Files' and the correct 'Windows' folder mentioned below.

Copy the 'Word in the World' folder (and all its contents) to the 'Program Files' folder. If it says it needs to convert the files to a different format, click OK.

From Explorer on your desktop/laptop computer, in the 'Mobile Devices' 'Program Files\Word in the World' subfolder, scroll down to the application 'Word in the World.exe' and right click on it, then click 'Create Shortcut'. The shortcut will be created in the same folder at the bottom. Right click it and rename it to 'Word in the World', removing the words 'Shortcut to' and '.exe' at the end.. 

While still in Explorer on your desktop/laptop, navigate to the 'Windows' folder and then to the 'Start Menu'. Note, there may be more than one 'Windows' folder, but only one will have a 'Start Menu' subfolder. Drag (or cut and paste, copy, or move) the shortcut you just created into the 'Start Menu' folder. 

Now power down your Smartphone, then power it back up. The installation is compete.

To run Word in the World on your Smartphone, press Start, page forward until you see Word in the World, and select it.